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The iBGStar Diabetes Manager iPhone app which is intended to be used with the iBGStar Glucose meter can also be used as a standalone diabetic care management app. The software is almost exactly the same as the Wavesense iPhone App. In fact, aside from two less buttons in the Info section, a different start up splash screen, slight difference in  exported .xls file and about 21meg in iPhone memory ( undoubtedly for interfacing with the meter),  they are the same app. The Wavesense app is also found in the ONsync app and dLife app although the dLife app has a food look-up for nutritional information and a recipe section. It's a nice app and worth taking a look.

 If you like a simple, easy to use interface that provides basic logging ability, then you will like using either the Wavesense App or the iBGStar App.  If you are seeking the ability to log and analyze your glucose patterns based on carb and insulin levels, you will be disappointed.


The iBGStar app uses a card with tabs for recording and viewing glucose readings, carbs and insulin. Data is entered using a large numeric keypad.  If you do not use insulin, you can turn off the insulin tab in the settings section. I found it odd that if you disable the insulin tab you also disable the carb tab. Why would anyone assume that if you do not use insulin you also do not count carbs? The color of the card will adjust base on the target ranges you set.

iBGSTAR Glucose Keypad Wavesense Low Blood Sugar Level Warning Wavesense High Blood Sugar Warning iBGSTAR settings page i-BGSTAR Glucose Only Card

Each card is a specific date and time but you can only record a single insulin type/dosage per card. If you regularly use two types of insulin at the same time, this limitation may be bothersome. I take a single dose of Lantus in the morning and usually a shot of Humalog at the same time (different site). I had to use a separate card for the second shot. For a once a day event, I did not find it an issue for me.

The date and time information is entered though a standard spinner date/time picker. Overall the user interface with this app is clean and simple with large text and nice graphics. There are six background image themes you can to choose and the app uses one of three images from each theme, depending on time of day.  It is a nice touch.

Wavesense Theme Options Daytime at the Beach Twilight in the City Night in the City

Data Entry

If you have a iBGStar glucose meter, the glucose levels are automatically added to the log after you complete a test. If you are manually entering data, and using the insulin on setting, you select one of three tabs ; glucose, carbs or insulin. After selecting a tab you enter a numeric value. On the insulin tab you can choose from one of three types of insulin; Rapid Acting, Premix or Long Acting (Basal). These insulin types are preset and cannot be customized. When you enter an insulin dose the app automatically selects the last insulin type used. If you wish to change the insulin type you press the insulin type box and a spinner wheel gives you the option to change types.

After you are done entering all the data, you press Done. On the card you can choose the Date/Time box to change the date or time of that card. If you need to log two insulin types you will need to create a new card. I was able to create several cards with the same date and time.

To tag the card with a meal event, you can choose from seven preset event tags or leave the tag open.  Tags are automatically selected based on the time of day, but each meal time is user adjustable. If you have set the Post-Breakfast time at 8:00AM and the Pre-Lunch time at 11:00AM, the first card used between those times will automatically be set at Post-Breakfast. Any other cards filled out (regardless of time) will be set at (No Tag). You can go back to any card and set the tag to any setting you wish.   

Insulin Options Date Time Picker Event Tag Selection

At the bottom of the card there is an Add Note box.  There are five categories each with three to nine preset notes you can attach to that card. By selecting the "EDIT" button you can delete the default notes and(or) use the + option to add your own pre-configured notes.

iBGStar Card Notes
Meal Exercise Insulin Oral Medication Misc note
Ate Fatty food Light exercise Changed infusion site Missed dose Sick day
Skipped meal Medium exercise Switched insulin type Changed schedule Menses
Miscalculated carbs Heavy exercise Too much insulin Changed dose Over corrected
Drank alcohol Missed exercise Too little insulin   Dirty Finger
    Blocked/leaking tubing   Alternate site test
    Air Bubble   Following a low
        Following a high
        Feeling Hypo
        Feeling Hyper


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